PACER validation test: Data accuracy in Small Sided Games

With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, we at JOHAN Sports understand the importance of data accuracy in sports performance analysis. It’s not just about delivering data; it’s about delivering accurate data that forms the foundation of our insights. That’s why we prioritize precision in all our endeavors. Recently, we conducted an accuracy test using the PACER system, developed by Demcon, reaffirming our dedication to excellence. This focus on precision isn’t just about meeting standards; it’s about empowering athletes and driving innovation in sports technology.


PACER Precision

PACER continues to demonstrate its expanding capabilities in enhancing data accuracy. Its precise measurements make sure that every piece of information collected is not just dependable and reliable but also helps improve fitness levels and therefore the overall performance.

Validation Test

Last year, a validation test was conducted pitting PACER against a Local Positioning System. The objective was clear: assess the accuracy of the 10hz GPS sensor in the dynamic context of small-sided games. PACER not only met but exceeded expectations, with a precision of around -2%!


Navigating the Dynamics of Small-Sided Games

Small-sided games present a unique set of challenges that demand nuanced data insights. PACER seeks to navigate these dynamics effectively. By providing accurate real-time data, it facilitates informed decision-making and strategic adaptations for teams.

A Commitment to Reliable Data

The validation process utilized by PACER highlights our dedication to providing accurate and reliable data. It’s the foundation of JOHAN Sports and played a key role in forming our partnership with Demcon in 2021. The PACER system underwent an extensive development process, driven by our commitment to achieving the highest levels of accuracy.

PACER in action

Observing PACER in action reveals a tool that seamlessly integrates GPS data and Heart Rate data accurately. With both data we can provide more and better insights in the fitness level and health of players during training sessions and matches.


Looking Forward

PACER stands as a beacon of innovation and adaptability in the realm of sports technology, together with Demcon. With a forward-thinking approach, PACER constantly refines its solutions to meet the ever-growing demands of athletes, coaches, and analysts. Our focus isn’t just on keeping up the industry pace; it’s on redefining possibilities and change it. So stay tuned for more updates and insights!


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