Discover PACER

Discover PACER

Our cutting-edge GPS technology for elite teams, developed by DEMCON. This advanced system seamlessly integrates heart rate monitoring, providing unparalleled accuracy and reliability. With real-time data and actionable insights, this technology offers an exceptional blend of internal and external load monitoring.

Heart rate integrated

Combining both worlds

Combining internal load and external load with a GPS-Heart rate integrated solution. Accurate, reliable, and easy to use. Powered by DEMCON.

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Live player view

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Check the status of each player individually live during training sessions, matches, or special rehabilitation sessions.

Where the magic happens

All in the cloud

Our platform combines internal and external load data, giving you a complete overview of your team’s fitness.

Tired of wearing multiple sensors?

Experience accurate heart rate monitoring with our state-of-the-art GPS/HR solution! No more frustration with unreliable heart rate data or the inconvenience of wearing bulky vests and multiple sensors. Our cutting-edge technology provides you with precise and effortless heart rate measurements, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on your training sessions.

Since 2014


At JOHAN we care about the well-being of athletes and the continuous improvement of performance. Data quality is key and without reliable data, it’s impossible to do your job. We only measure what matters. Providing useful and practical health insights to change the pace and improve performance!

DEMCON Technology

Health intelligence

DEMCON has more than 25 years of experience in developing high-tech solutions for the life science & health market. This knowledge is used to develop PACER: accurate, reliable, and actionable (real-time) insights on and off the pitch.


Our partners

We are proud to serve a great variety of professional sports teams. With new ambitious teams joining each week we are building an international, data-driven, high-performance community.

User stories

How do other teams use the PACER system to improve performance or reduce injuries? Check our user stories to know more about

Mario Meijer - S.B.V. Excelsior

Nicky Boonstra - SC Cambuur

Pieter de Bot - F.C.V. Dender EH

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If you want to know more about our pricing or want to see how the system works, send a request!

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Serving various team sports

JOHAN offers player performance analysis for a variety of (outdoor) field sports like football, field hockey, and rugby. Our online platform is specially designed for these specific teams to monitor the training load, periodization schedules, and fitness levels of athletes.




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    From 24-26th of May 2023 JOHAN Sports will attend at the World Congress of Science and Soccer (WCSF) in Groningen.

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