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JOHAN keeps you up-to-date with all the latest developments in the field of sports science! On this page, you find an overview of engaging blog articles about relevant topics written by our own sports scientists.

  • ecg-monitor-for-heart-monitoring-during-exercise-demcon-johan-sports

    Demcon Johan Sports investigates application of ECG technology for cardiac monitoring during exertion

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    MAS Test in Football Pre-Season: Assessing fitness levels

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  • Demcon_JOHAN_Sports_360_sports_intelligence

    Demcon Johan Sports is investigating a combination of heart monitoring and video images

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  • Heart_Rate_Variability_JOHAN_Blog

    Using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to determine physical fitness

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  • JOHAN_Sports_GPS_HRV_Heart_Rate_Variability_PACER_Technology

    Upgrade Your Fitness with JOHAN PACER’s HRV Monitoring

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  • JOHAN-Sports-PACER-Tapering-Blog-Peak-performance-HIIT-training-High-Intensity-Interval-Training-image-3

    Tapering: peak performance at the end of the season

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