Hoofdklasse Hockey Benchmark

Welcome to the PRE league benchmark 2023/2024 of the Hoofdklasse Hockey in the Netherlands. In this benchmark we will map the physical differences of these competitions over the period July 2023 to November 2023.

Since the founding of JOHAN Sports in 2014, we have seen the number of hockey teams using GPS technology grow and the wearing of a GPS vest has become standard. While people initially had doubts about its usefulness, it has now become a foundation for physiologists/performance coaches to monitor the readiness & fitness of players. However, it is important to always be able to put this data into perspective.

That is why we at JOHAN thought it was time to create a benchmark of the hockey competition(s), so that people have a framework and guidelines to work with. Different positions (CDEF, FULL, MID, WIN, STR)

will be highlighted in this benchmark report. Essential when it comes to interpreting performance data and interesting to compare with any own benchmark data. In addition, we will also make a comparison between the pre-season (1st of July – 22nd of September) and the in-season (23rd of September – 19th of November) period to provide more insight into the preparation and the current season. The heart rate data (zones) will also be included in this benchmark, because we want to provide insight into the 5 heart rate zones and endurance between the different positions of players.

We wish everyone a lot of reading pleasure and hope that these insights provide help and guidance in making choices and further developing the performance, health and well-being of the players.

Download the full benchmark report