Ullern football first training session with Johan GPS tracking system!

16 JANUARY 2020

Proud to announce that JOHAN started a partnership with Norwegian football team Ullern Fotball, regarding GPS tracking technology. The club decided to start with performance monitoring for their players in order to improve their fitness, reduce injuries and monitor the training schedule with GPS data. The club from the Norsk Tripping Ligaen started their first training session with the JOHAN GPS Tracking system last week (see picture).


Most competitions in Europe start the season in August, have a winter break in January, and end the season in May. In Norway, the football season is a bit different, because it starts in April, with a short summer break in June, and end the season in November. This makes January till March the perfect opportunity to try and test GPS technology to get an overview of the benefits of performance monitoring. Ullern Fotball tested the GPS system in close collaboration with our Sports Science team on a couple of players to get familiar with the technology.

Starting the pre-season with GPS data will provide insights into the training schedule you’re following and creates an ideal physical benchmark of your players. Parameters like Total Distance, Speed, Hi-intensity sprints, accelerations, decelerations etc. will not only give insights into the physical performance of the players, but also a complete overview of your training program.

Do you want to test JOHAN for your team? Get in touch with one of our team members!