The JOHAN PACER Technology is a highly advanced sports GPS football tracker and is specially designed for football teams. Optimizing performance and reducing injuries.

Improve performance

Complete load monitoring

PACER Technology combines internal load and external load with an accurate GPS-HR integrated solution. Reliable and with a complete load view of the player.

Entire club solution

Bridging the gap

Collaborating with professional teams in more than 30+ countries worldwide. From national teams, men’s teams, and women’s teams to youth academies. Bridging the gap between the first team and youth teams.

Realtime insights

Live decision making

Real-time monitoring gives you access to an unlimited amount of insights. Use it to make your decisions on and off the pitch.

Reduce injuries

Injury risk detections

Monitor all injury risk indicators on an individual level. Each player has a fitness profile where injury risk detections monitor your training schedule/periodization.

Software modules

Football insights

1. Training advice

Check the readiness of players with automated A/C ratio’s

JOHAN-Sports-GPS-Tracking-Performance-Analyisis-HR-data-Football-teams-advice-module-compare-module-analyze-sessions-export-reports-heatmaps 2. Heatmaps per player

See if your players followed the pre-match instructions

JOHAN-Sports-GPS-Tracking-Performance-Analyisis-HR-data-Football-teams-advice-module-compare-module-analyze-sessions 3. Analyse sessions

Watch the results of your sessions and analyze specific exercises

JOHAN-Sports-GPS-Tracking-Performance-Analyisis-HR-data-Football-teams-advice-module-compare-module-analyze-sessions-export-reports 4. Reports & exports

Export your match- or training data to excel, CSV, pdf, or XML.

Our solutions

PACER Technology comes with advanced software solutions. Discover our other solutions.


Live Tracking

Performance Analysis


PACER technology

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