JOHAN Sports monitors the fitness for various hockey teams using GPS technology. The advanced JOHAN PACER system (developed by Demcon) provides specific insights into the fitness and recovery of players.

Wearable technology

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JOHAN Sports improves players’ performances by focusing on hockey-specific items. Monitoring weekly training load, comparing matches with training sessions to get specific insights with GPS field hockey data.

Multi wearable

Wear it your way

Wearable via vests or belts to provide accuracy and reliability. Collecting performance data and especially heart rate data can be annoying and time-consuming.

Realtime insights

Interchange monitoring

Reach the full fitness potential of your team and create your advantage during interchanges. Know which player to substitute during the match based on their fitness profile.

Software platform

Field Hockey Analysis

JOHAN-Sports-GPS-Tracking-Performance-Analyisis-HR-data-Football-teams-advice-module-compare-module-analyze-sessions-compare-results Monitor quarters

Monitor fatigue levels and fitness levels individually per quarter.

JOHAN-Sports-GPS-Tracking-Performance-Analyisis-HR-data-Football-teams-advice-module-compare-module-analyze-sessions Benchmark

Benchmark on positions or youth players to bridge the gap with the first team

JOHAN-Sports-GPS-Tracking-Performance-Analyisis-HR-data-Football-teams-advice-module-compare-module-analyze-sessions-export-reports-heatmaps Heatmaps

See if your players followed the pre-match instructions

A/C ratios

Check the readiness of players with automated A/C ratios

JOHAN-Sports-GPS-Tracking-Performance-Analyisis-HR-data-Football-teams-advice-module-compare-module-analyze-sessions-export-reports Reports

Export your match- or training data to excel, csv, pdf or xml.

Our solutions

PACER Technology comes with advanced software solutions. Discover our other solutions.


Live Tracking

Performance Analysis


PACER technology

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