Performance Analysis

The JOHAN Sports Performance Analysis software platform uses AI to provide actionable insights to optimize performance. User-friendly and with the freedom to adjust individual thresholds or raw data exports to excel or CSV.

Load monitoring


Monitor the complete load of your players within the online platform of JOHAN. Combining internal load and external load for a perfect overview

  • Performance-analysis-platform-Heart-rate-icon-JOHAN-Sports 0

    Heart rate

  • Performance-analysis-platform-total-distance-icon-JOHAN-Sports 0

    Total distance

  • Performance-analysis-platform-speed-icon-JOHAN-Sports 0

    Max speed

  • Performance-analysis-platform-sprint-meters-JOHAN-Sports 0

    Hi-intensity meters

Reduce injuries

Health comes first

Reducing the risk of injuries is a key factor for every sports team. Health insights give you more control to determine injury factors. Monitor them at all times

Benchmark on position

Who's your runner?

Every team has a runner. Usually a midfielder, but sometimes it’s a striker or a left-back. Who’s yours?

User-friendly with the freedom to adjust

Software modules

Performance-analysis-platform-JOHAN-Sports-compare-module 1. Analyze sessions

Watch the results of your sessions and analyze specific exercises.

Performance-anlysis-platform-compare-results-module-JOHAN-Sports-technology 2. Compare results

Check if your conditional session reaches the match performance.

Performance-analysis-platform-reports-JOHAN-Sports-Technology 3. Export & Reports

Export your match- or training data to excel, csv, pdf or xml.

Performance-analysis-platform-heatmaps-JOHAN-Sports-technology 4. Heatmaps

See if your players followed the pre-match instructions

Performance-analyisis-platform-analyze-sessions-cycle-module-JOHAN-Sports-technology 5. Periodization cycle

Use the cycle view to monitor your periodization cycle

6. Training advice

Check the readiness of players with automated A/C ratio’s


Distance zones

  • Total distance
  • Walking distance
  • Jogging distance
  • Running distance
  • Sprint distance
  • Hi-intensity distance


  • Average speeds
  • Maximum speed


  • Number of sprints
  • Number of repeated sprints
  • Number of Hi-intensity sprints


  • Total accelerations
  • Hi-accelerations
  • Total decelerations
  • Hi-decelerations

Heart rate

  • Heart rate zone 1
  • Heart rate zone 2
  • Heart rate zone 3
  • Heart rate zone 4
  • Heart rate zone 5
  • Heart rate average
  • Heart rate TRIMP
  • Heart rate max


  • Heart rate anaerobic zone
  • Heart rate recovery
  • Heart rate variability (HRV)
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