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It often happens that players are active in multiple teams. For example within a youth academy, with the national team or a player who is just between the 1st selection and the 2nd team. Training sessions are completed with one team and matches are played with the other team. This often means that player data from both teams must be combined to get a complete overview of a player’s training load and match the load. Previously this was done by means of the export function within the JOHAN system, but recently it is possible to make a player active in multiple teams and also to make the data of this player visible in 1 overview. How exactly does this work?


Let’s take an example of a youth player who trains with the first team and plays matches with the U21. When the training data of this youth player is uploaded in the 1st Selection team account, these data of the same player will now also automatically be visible at the U21. This is now possible with the new “player data sharing” function.

How does it work?

To activate the “share player data” function, a player must be active in both the 1st selection and U21. As an analyst you can find this in the player account under “team selection”. Drag the correct teams to the “Allowed teams” section and click save.




Players give permission

Vervolgens moet de speler toestemming geven dat hij zijn data wil delen met de 1e Selectie en de U21. De speler kan zelf bepalen of zijn/haar data gedeeld wordt binnen het platform met andere teams.

This data is presented in the modules “Event”, “Compare” and “Cycle” and a complete report can also be downloaded in Excel and/or PDF.

The training data of the other selection players are not shared in the U21 account and remain hidden.

Do you want to know more?

This new function offers even greater ease of use and can be used for youth academies and or players in the national team. Want to know more about this? Please contact our support department via


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