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  • position-benchmark-football-division-netherlands-gps-data-johan-sports-gps-tracking-for-elite-teams-running-distance

    Position benchmark Football Division Netherlands (Keuken Kampioen Division – Second Division)

    This time we will take a closer look…

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  • JOHAN-Sports-GPS-Tracking-Excelsior-Rotterdam-Mario-Meijer

    “Getting fit and keeping them fit” is the motto of excelsior Rotterdam

    We were allowed to ask Mario a number…

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  • Training-load-monitoring-JOHAN-Sports-GPS-Tracking-for-elite-teams

    Training load monitoring: how can I easily monitor my team with subjective data?

    Have you ever wondered whether your players perceive…

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  • Physical benchmark: Keuken Kampioen Divisie & Tweede Divisie

    In this blog a physical benchmark between the…

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  • football-periodisation-program-for-football-teams-johan-sports-gps-tracking

    Football Periodisation Program: Challenging Match Schedules

    In this blog, we will discuss the basic…

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  • Player monitoring during COVID-19

    No one knows how long the corona crisis…

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