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  • football-periodisation-program-for-football-teams-johan-sports-gps-tracking

    Football Periodisation Program: Challenging Match Schedules

    In this blog, we will discuss the basic…

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  • Player monitoring during COVID-19

    No one knows how long the corona crisis…

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  • Interval-shuttle-run-ISRT-test-physical-test-for-sports-teams-JOHAN-Sports-GPS-Tracking-for-football-teams-racing-club-montevideo

    Interval shuttle run test: physical test for sports teams

    The Interval Shuttle Run Test (ISRT) is a…

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  • How to recommence group training after the corona crisis

    In multiple countries in Europe is a discussion…

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  • The impact of COVID-19 on football players and match performance

    Coaches and physical coaches were challenged to design…

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  • Demcon acquires JOHAN Sports

    The new JOHAN V5-sensor is a GPS tracking…

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