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    Tactical periodization: the secret for every coach

    In this blog, we will discuss a periodization…

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  • Thumbnail-HITT-TRAINING

    HIIT Training: high-intensity interval training

    Nowadays, high-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT Training) is viewed…

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  • Using the JOHAN GPS sports tracker for monitoring individual sessions

    Now that the first big storm of the…

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  • Corona virus in Sweden: interview with Jimmy Högberg (physical coach at Örebro SK)

    In Sweden, things go differently compared to other…

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    National team of Iceland: sports science insights with Tom Joel

    The National Team of Iceland uses JOHAN GPS…

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  • The paradox of muscle injuries: are peak speeds the ’cause’ or the ‘vaccine’?

    Peak speed exposure can be a ‘vaccine’ against…

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