Monitor and improve your athlete performances with the JOHAN GPS Rugby tracking system. Within the user-friendly JOHAN Sports analysis platform, rugby coaches can check the readiness of their players, fitness & fatigue levels and optimize their training schedule.

Impacts and intensity

Make an impact

The JOHAN cloud platform provides an easy overview of the intensity (m/min) during specific exercises, complete training sessions or full matches. Also, monitor the number of impacts (acceleration/deceleration) and the force of collisions (impact zones) to create valuable insights into the performance and fitness profile of your players.

Compare training sessions & matches

Compare your training session with your match to get insights into your training intensity. Check if your conditional training sessions reached the match intensity within the JOHAN analysis platform.

Rugby GPS platform

1. Compare training sessions & matches

Compare training sessions with matches to monitor and improve the fitness of the players.

2. Reduce injuries

Reduce injuries with automated injury risk detections per player. Check the A/C ratio, training variation, and wellness of the player to get a complete overview.

3. RPE team performance app

Schedule exertion forms and recovery forms to monitor the readiness of players. Get insights into sleep quality, muscle soreness, stress levels, mood, and exertion.

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