Innovation with heart rate integration: JOHAN PACER

JOHAN Sports, together with the DEMCON Technology Group, has brought a new innovation to the market: JOHAN PACER. Three elements were extremely important during the development of this new technology. accurate data, reliability, and user-friendliness. This sounds obvious, but in practice, it is a lot more difficult. One of the key benefits of the new JOHAN PACER Technology is the integration of the heart rate sensor.  Therefore players only need to wear 1 sensor instead of 2, making it more convenient and above all: making a complete load overview (internal load & external load).

The importance of heart rate data

Athletes need to be in top condition to perform at their best. To achieve this, coaches and trainers use a variety of tools and techniques to monitor and track their players’ fitness levels. One essential tool in this regard is heart rate data monitoring.

Monitoring heart rate data is critical for athletes as it provides valuable insights into their physical condition, training progress, and overall health. By tracking heart rate data, coaches can adjust their players’ training regimes to optimize their performance, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance their overall well-being.

Heart rate excellence

As some may already know, it is not new that JOHAN facilitates the monitoring of heart rate data in addition to monitoring GPS data. But what has changed then? Previously, a GPS sensor and a heart rate sensor were required to measure both GPS and heart rate data. This meant that a club had to buy (or lease) two different products, and the players had to wear two sensors. Ideally, a player only wears one sensor at most. In addition, it is of course more cost-efficient and user-friendly to combine a GPS and heart rate sensor in one sensor. In the new JOHAN PACER tracker, both functionalities are therefore integrated into one sensor.

Reliable heart rate data

PACER is designed to be worn horizontally and is compatible with standard heart rate belts and JOHAN heart rate vests. The heart rate belts are a well-known and proven method for measuring heart rate and provide reliable heart rate data. It is a good entry-level model for teams starting with the JOHAN PACER technology and accessible to players who are not yet familiar with player monitoring.

Integrated heart rate vests

JOHAN Sports provides heart rate vests equipped with advanced technology that offers reliable heart rate measurement. The information gathered by the vest is streamed to the JOHAN PACER sensor, which allows coaches to monitor their team’s performance accurately. Players who prefer wearing vests can order them, as they offer added comfort. JOHAN PACER is compatible with both heart rate belts and vests, so coaches can choose the option that works best for their team and players.

JOHAN PACER Suitcase Live tracking

More information

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JOHAN PACER GPS Technology mobile Integrated Heart Rate

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