Innovation with heart rate integration: JOHAN PACER


JOHAN Sports, together with the DEMCON Technology Group, has brought a new innovation to the market: JOHAN PACER. Three elements were extremely important during the development of this new technology. accurate data, reliability, and user-friendliness. This sounds obvious, but in practice, it is a lot more difficult.

Accuracy at a new level
GPS sensors generally become more accurate every year. The technology is evolving and this ensures increased accuracy in monitoring players using GPS technology. The JOHAN V4 GPS model was accurate to about 1.5 meters. In principle, this was already accurate enough to monitor players (read the validation research here). The new PACER model takes this a step further. The PACER tracker shows an accuracy of 0.5 meters, making it one of the most accurate GPS sensors in the world. Reliability is therefore an important aspect of measuring athletes. Being able to provide a continuous set of accurate data is extremely important during the season.

Heart rate excellence
As some may already know, it is not new that JOHAN facilitates the monitoring of heart rate data in addition to monitoring GPS data. But what has changed then? Previously, a GPS sensor and a heart rate sensor were required to measure both GPS and heart rate data. This meant that a club had to buy (or lease) two different products, and the players had to wear two sensors. Ideally, a player only wears one sensor at most. In addition, it is of course more cost-efficient and user-friendly to combine a GPS and heart rate sensor in one sensor. In the new JOHAN V5 tracker, both functionalities are therefore integrated into one sensor.

Reliable heart rate data
PACER is designed to be worn horizontally and is compatible with standard heart rate belts and JOHAN heart rate vests. The heart rate belts are a well-known and proven method for measuring heart rate and provide reliable heart rate data. It is a good entry-level model for teams starting with the JOHAN PACER technology and accessible to players who are not yet familiar with player monitoring.

JOHAN Sports also offers heart rate vests. These vests contain advanced technology for reliable heart rate measurement, after which this information is streamed to the JOHAN PACER sensor. These vests can be ordered if the players find this more comfortable. Since JOHAN PACER can be worn on both heart rate belts OR vests, you can now choose what works best for your team and your players.

More information
Do you want to know more about JOHAN PACER? Take a look here or send a message to info@johan-sports.com for more information or a demonstration.

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